Automated Welding Equipment by Cecil Peck LLC.

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 Designers And Builders Of Custom Automated Welding Equipment
Do You Have A Difficult Welding Job?

Maybe Fully Automatic Welding Is Your Answer.

Why not call the Cecil Peck Company and let us analyze your welding problem with you to determine the feasibility of such an installation.

Our company has been working closely with manufacturers for over 50 years to provide reliable, automated welding machinery for their welding needs.  

The performance record of our specially designed and manufactured automatic welding machinery is the backbone of our excellent reputation, and the reason our customers have returned to us repeatedly for new applications, designs and machinery as their products change and expand. We are proud of that fact.

The proven ability of every Peck Machine to weld the job for which it is designed is demonstrated with your samples in our plant before it is shipped. When desired, our service technicians are available for start-up and training in your plant.  We also provide continued support after the sale with parts and expert service. 

Peck builds a variety of automated welding equipment and presses including Circular Spud Welders, Seam Welders, Circumferential Lathe Welders, Gantry Welders, Boom Welders, Pole Welders, Index Welders, Special Welders, Tram Rail Welders, Beam Welders, Planishers, Positioners, Tank Presses and Assembly Lines combining Presses and welders for high production applications.

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